Day Twenty-Six – Salar de Uyuni At Last

The tour did not start until ten thirty, so I spent my morning first, trying to force functional wifi on to my hostel. Failing that, I relocated to Camel Restaurant where they graciously turned on their wifi for me, as I sipped a delicious mango blender drink. I got mostly caught up with the blogs I fell behind on, except I admit I am writing this one while I haven’t yet written Day Twenty-Five…  ..for reasons that must be apparent if you have read whatever I eventually manage to write.

After finishing with the mango and the wifi, I started to stroll up the plaza, and who do I run into?! Tom and Thurid! They are doing the Salar in three days, crossing to San Pedro too, starting today even! With a different company; randomly signing up with the same company would have been too much to ask of coincidence.

Regarding the tour: I don’t know what I can say that isn’t said far better by the photos. So without further ado, the Salar: 

First stop: train graveyard. I think this is purely a photo op stop, since our guide didn’t provide much interpretation on arrival or departure.

Second stop: salt collection site. The salt is scooped into piles with shovels, and then left to dry. Then it is shovelled into trucks and taken elsewhere for processing.
No Canadian flag mes amis.


Portable picnic table. We happily sat on the salt to eat. Funny how being white makes something clean..
Lunch of champions. Note: spinal cord still present.


I’m at 11 o’clock, clockwise from me: Maryanne, Antoine, #####, Andy and Antoine.

At La Isla del Pescado, or Fish Island, we walked around for forty minutes or so, enjoying the view. The “island” is an old coral bed, but otherwise I am unsure where the name comes from. The cactuses, of course were lovely.

 Supper was delicious and wine has resulted in a cozy feeling of exhaustion. Rise and shine at 06h30 tomorrow, so I’ll say Buenos Noches!

4 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Six – Salar de Uyuni At Last

  1. Well. Serves me right for reading ahead and commenting on bye bye Bolivia before I saw the salt collections. That is so cool and the pictures are awesome.


    1. Are you sure you read ahead, and I didn’t post ahead? Posting has been a little haphazard of late. I can see that I’m going to need some time off after my trip to organize a photobook of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m looking forward to coming home though, and see you in January or so!


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