Day Twenty-Seven – Laguna Loco!

Day Two of the Salar de Uyuni tour involved very little salt flat, and a very lot of salt lakes. Essentially we hopped from Laguna to Laguna, greedily snapping photos of flamingos while our guide importantly announced the name of the lake, and how long we were allowed to stay. 

This information actually came much later in the day. I include it here in case anyone is able to identify which species of flamingo I’ve photographed. I haven’t sat down to do this as I feel like I’ve been playing catch up since the Bolivian WiFi Crisis of late October 2015.
First Laguna: as this was our first exposure to flamingos there are, naturally, many more photos. Subsequent lagunas provided far better photo ops, however, so only one pic made the cut.

Second Laguna: this laguna was virtually a flamingo metropolis, not to mention a bit of a human zoo as well. There was a hotel, of sorts, and a thriving dune buggy excursion business.
The increased population density results in increased restrictions. I particularly enjoy the specificity of this sign.


Decorously hiking away from me.
This is about what we drove through all day, in between lagunas. Interestingly, we were all EXHAUSTED at the end of this day, even though we DID almost nothing at all.

Andean Fox – the spanish word for fox is zorro. This blew my mind.
This guy was biking thriugh the desert for the previous six days. We passed him later and topped up his water bottle and gave him the desserts we didn’t eat.
The Seven Coloured Mountain
Arbol de Piedra
The wind was strong while we walked around, admiring its handiwork.
The rest of the photos are from Laguna Colorado. The red is bacterial growth in the water, due to the low water levels and the heat. It doesn’t seem to bother the flamingos, and makes for some beautiful scenery!


From here we went further into the park to stop at a … half star motel. I was actually warm enough overnight, and other than the bathrooms, the place was clean enough. The electricity situation in both of the hotels we stayed at during the tour was interesting. At the first place, we had electricity until nine o’clock, as well as access to shower facilities. In the second place there was exactly two hours of electricity during the evening, and no shower facility, (not that you would want to get naked there..).

 04h30 rise and shine tomorrow!

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