Day Twenty-One – Dinosaur Footprints, the Canyon, Vergel Falls, and Ancient Pictoglyphs – Or – Humpday

Officially Halfway through mon voyage!

Our group combined two tours this day: the standard trek to Vergel Falls, (which includes a little tour of some of the hundreds of dinosaur tracks in the area), and, after an enjoyable splash in the idyllic waters below the falls and lunch, the hike up the river bed that runs to Toro Toro. The hike up the river bed was pretty intense. I repeatedly took photos to try and illustrate the un-insurability of the “trail”, but they do not at all convey the chills up the spine that the hair’s breadth edges caused. As I mentioned before, this awesome tour only cost us 31.5 bolivianos each, for seven people. 

Carnivore footprints, unos, dos, tres, as Hermano kept pointing out.
Herbivore footprints! Very big and heavy. I regret not taking some sort of ridiculous “I’m a dinosaur” photo…
The most awesome, dry, waterfall! Also a natural amphitheatre that the locals throw a big party in once a year.
The bridge of friends, awww. Our Group of Seven from L to R: Cecile [France], Eli [New Zealand], Samya [France], Geronimo [Argentina], me!, Leon [United States], and standing is Hughe [France].
We walked to the bottom of this canyon!
The precipitous path down.
The waterfall is from a subterranean spring, and so is potable, till it hits the pool. Interestingly, it is also significantly warmer until it hits the pool.
The is the exit of the river that runs through Caverna Jumajallanta that we would be exploring the next day.
This is how I felt after two Fernet and Cokes. I think this was apparent to the others as well, because Samya said, “You have a smile, everyone wants to smile too; and when you laugh, everyone want to laugh too.” If I were to guess, it was the pointy teeth making them feel like agreeing with my mood 😉

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