Day Sixty – Wow That’s a Big Number

Transfer to Boca de Camarioca. Annoying, as transfers I suspect, just are in Cuba. The ViaAzul is the tourist bus company in Cuba and it is booked out in advance, (because god forbid there should actually be “enough” of anything), so you have to take a Taxi Collectivo if you don’t want to wait a week. (Also, the ViaAzul stations are nowhere near where accommodations are in any given town, unlike every other Latin American country, so it’s reeeeally inconvenient to go and get your ticket beforehand). The thing with Taxi Collectivos is that it’s completely unregulated, so good luck. No seatbelts, no set price, step out of line or make a mistake and *boom* you are paying double what everyone else is paying. Oh, and you’re treated like you should be grateful they are doing you the favour of driving you for an hour… when you’re paying the equivalent of a month’s wages for the trip, as is each person in the car (of which there are seven). What that means is the driver blasts his bloody music at volume eleven, and drives according to his schedule and needs. 25CAD. In case anyone’s pricing out a trip. Anyway. Grump grump. Obviously I’m jonesing for some NAm uptight rules and regulations. And bloody customer service. But whatever.

I’m here!

And happy. I got a bit tipsy drinking red wine and dying my hair and listening to music. It’s really nice to have some privacy. And three pillows. And Aidan coming 😳.

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