Day 48 to 50 – Just Living

These three days have been spent sleeping in, sun bathing, and walking around window-shopping. Two small events: I commissioned a dress to be made for me, final alterations are underway, perhaps there will be a photo to come; and I attended a dinner theatre at The Rockwell Hotel called The Kaapse Stories. It was billed as a story about District Six, however “story” is a bit misleading as it implies a story-LINE, which was noticeably absent from this production. That being said the music was very enjoyable and the food was good, so fair enough.

Oh! And I visited the Slave Lodge, a museum dedicated to global slavery education and honouring the lives of the Cape Town slaves.

the court showed great mercy by commuting her sentence to being sewed into a sac of rocks and thrown into the ocean…
Interesting display acknowledging the dehumanizing of slaves by stripping them of their names/identities and assigning livestock-style names – in these cases the name of the month they were purchased. Grief, fury and pride are illustrated in these photographs and interviews.

*clears throat* erm. Not partial to the dress. It does nothing for me. There’s no way in god’s green earth I’d’ve paid seventy dollars for it if I’d tried it on and got to decide then. Sooo… keeping it would just be a reminder of bullying and poor service.

… … …

Probs leaving it.

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