Day Forty-Four – To Table Mountain, and Beyond!

Getting to the top of Table Mountain was tricky, but it need not have been.

Wait! First things first:

Throwback breakfast: papaya, banana and cream, à la the folks at BOA in Mexico.

Right, so the Molehill turned Mountain.

Well, first there was a kerfluffle over whether I was to hike up the mountain alone. I faced strong opposition wielding such arguments as “what if you get lost or injured?” and “occasionally people get mugged on those trails”. I acquiesced but speaking from on-site observation a person sure can go alone. Just loiter by the trailhead until some unsuspecting group (preferably not a paid tour, that might get awkward) strikes out and just stay within hollering distance of them.

The next major concern was which trail to take. There are many. This may seem like a moot point given that I had decided not to hike it, (well not alone and I refused to pay a guide 95CAD to take a walk with me), however, I hadn’t yet decided and was collecting all the information I MIGHT need. SO > use Platteklip Gorge Trail. This is the most popular and looks totally doable.

Platteklip Gorge Trail, viewed from above.

Finally, there was intense discussion about whether or not a person could walk to the lower cable car. Google maps assured me it was 2.7km and yet I got exclamations all across the room that No a person could not possibly walk there, you’re practically climbing a mountain! It would take me AT LEAST two hours! (Contrary to Google’s estimate of 50mins). This was all hogwash. You’re walking mostly on sidewalks and the last bit is a gravel trail. There were some steep sections but there if you don’t want to spring for an Uber, go ahead and google how to walk there. It’s fine. And only took me 35mins.

Right, so Table Mountain:

I took the cable car up. This isn’t as “no big deal” as you would assume. If you are non-plussed by heights, stand in the middle of the car.

There was a LOT of this going on. And all of it had The Darwin Awards written all over it.

I walked to the highest point, McClear’s Point, and sat for a bit. This gentleman cheekily demanded rent in the form of carbohydrates.
As usual a serious lack of guard rails puts this low on my “travel with children” to do list.
Robben Island
Me and Robben
A Dassie is Table Mountain’s answer to a marmot. Except they do NOT look friendly.
Because what else would you do?

After all that I walked home, made a delicious supper wrap and went to the Labia to see First Man. It was quite good – would recommend.

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