Day Forty – Waiting for Transit

Today was spent walking about and waiting. And waiting. Mostly in the train station. Yet it was still a better day than those spent in that terrible hostel.

Last night a security guard unlocks my door, (without knocking), and brings a lady in “to show her the room”. I am in my underwear and a tank top in bed, (turns out it is hella hot in Africa), and ask, “Is there a time of night when you won’t show the rooms?” Response: “Ten o’clock.” It was 21h48. Turns out there is a large group coming today and this is a local lady making sure the venue is up to snuff. She couldn’t have done that BEFORE nine forty-eight at night?? The hostel could not have insisted on it, out of respect for the privacy of their current guests?

Anyway, other tips:

  • You can store your bags in the Windhoek train station down the road for 15$ (1.50CAD). It is cooler, quieter and less crowded in the train station than in the InterCape bus station.
  • You can refill your water bottles at the Pick and Pay in the mall for 7.50$ (0.75CAD) for 5L.

Just finished the Orson Scott Card novel I brought. Was standard Card – I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to getting on the bus, having all my sweat evaporate, listening to White Dog Fell From the Sky, (the audiobook I started on the last bus trip), and eventually cozying into the sweater I remembered to bring this time.

… if you’d asked me three years ago if I would EVER forget how cold overnight busses get, “Never in a million years!” Luckily one of the lovely ladies I went to dinner with once we were in Windhoek leant me her spare jacket. #saint

En route photos of Namibia:

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