Day Thirty-Nine – Lucky Girl

I’m definitely in Windhoek one more day than I’d prefer. I spoke with a man staying in the hostel that I’ve seen around, usually studiously typing away at his computer. I assumed he was one of those digital nomads that we all hear about and never see. Not even a little. He is a South African who just got out of jail, where he was kept (he claims illegally) for four and a half months waiting to see if the state could procure enough evidence to prove he is a Russian spy (he claims not).

Anyway, his story is neither here nor there, except to say that if, while I’m travelling, I don’t update this blog without warning that I’ll be out of wifi.. maybe don’t give me more than a week before assuming I need finding? BUT apparently there were two bag thefts the night before I arrived. I see I am damn lucky to be getting out of here with all my property. If there were other people in this dorm, or if that security guard hadn’t been a dick, I wouldn’t have gotten a key and started locking my door while I’m in and while I’m out. As it is my stuff was in the room for at least 24hrs, 6 of which I was absent for, without being locked up.

*shakes head* complacency

I got up this morning and toured around “Luxury Hill” (not joking about the name, there was a sign). Luxury Hill is home to the three castles of Windhoek, as well as many other extreme examples of wealthy homes. One castle is a hotel, another the Italian Embassy (why not German or South African?) and the last a private residence. Yah. Right?

Then I walked to the Independence Memorial Museum.

The museum took up two floors of this behemoth structure. There is a restaurant on another, which I didn’t check out, but this building is HUGE to have so little in it. Makes me a bit curious.

Anyway, the museum: extremely simple. A lot of photos, no narrative and non-linear presentation of time line. I think there used to be a lot more narrative: there are stands which used to hold iPads and there are blank televisions in quite a few of the rooms. I also noticed a guy giving four folk a guided tour of the joint, so presumably the removal of any material with which to interpret the photos you’re looking at is an employment promotion strategy.

The elevator was disconcerting at first but eventually I enjoyed the view:

I tried to lounge in the Parliament Gardens afterwards, however they were strangely taped off, even though the grounds looked beautiful and there were gardeners busily working away down there. A little unfriendly, if you ask me. Although I’ll admit that is the over all impression I’ve got from Namibia so perhaps I’m now suffering from confirmation bias.

Went back to the hostel, gritted my teeth and went for a dip in the pool, in the bar. The pool was deliciously cold, however, unsurprisingly I ended up regretting it.

After sitting and pleasantly reading for awhile a Zimbabwean man starts talking to me, which I know, I should appreciate the opportunity to talk with local (or pseudo local) people, but the second thing out of his mouth is asking if I’m travelling with a boyfriend and then telling me he is travelling alone and how lonely he gets etc etc. Even after I repeatedly turn back to my book he keeps talking at me. And then, for no discernible reason interrupts himself and says that he really wants to finish watching the show he’s started but that he’d really like to continue talking with me afterwards!

.. after he put his headphones back in I left. If I never interact with another arrogant self-important man expecting a woman who is alone to be a grateful recipient of their attention it will be too soon. TOO F#€$ING SOON. Maybe I like language barriers.

Anyway, sorry for my small temper tantrum. I’ve just been driven into my room twice today by men who like the sound of their own voice and can’t take social cues.

Beauty sunset though:

Tomorrow is a 16h30 bus outta here! Arrive Cape Town Saturday at 14h30. Should be only a minor interruption in wifi.

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