Day Thirty-Six – Africa, For Beginners

Or so Lonely Planet describes Namibia. And I can appreciate why. Looking out the bus window the urban areas felt familiar. Quite western. Clearly a middle class lives here, and the man sitting next to me in the bus assured me that many of the middle class are African, not just Europeans.

I am so content. I am laying in a reasonable bed, after going out for supper with two ladies I met on last night’s bus adventure, easy access to internet, and breakfast included in the hostel price. You know, maybe that is the real thing that is making me so pleased > not having to worry about what I’m going to eat in the morning. Breakfast was always included in Chile.. and I found it much easier to relax there. Who knows.

Anyway, supper at La Marmite had some exotic moments: I finally had the opportunity to try some mopane worms.

The flavours they were cooked in were delicious.. the texture? Erm. Well. I ate four or so.

And the main was chicken, but Namibian and delicious.

Conversation and dinner with Amanda [British] and Sara [Austrian] was great AND I found out about my next ambition in life: The Rickshaw Rally by The Adventurist. Teams (two to four?) drive rickshaws from the South end of India to the North in two weeks or so. Gruelling? Yes. A good way to never want to see a rickshaw again? Probably. Amazing? Most definitely.

Anyhow, tucked in to The Cardboard Box Hostel, seems good. The pool is in the bar area, which seemed to be full of locals, which feels kind of wierd. Handily the weather here is much more reasonable so the pool may not be the survival tool it has been. In FACT I had to bring a jacket with me to dinner, and needed it out on the patio! No more limp rag Melissa here!

Some tiny practical notes: I forgot to download the Namibia map, (because I wasn’t planning on coming here), but was able to find my way to the hostel anyhow because InterCape gives 50mb of wifi to its customers with each ticket. Handy to know.

We were only an hour and a half late getting into Windhoek, despite leaving an hour late, all the giant border hang ups, police check stops and pfaffing about during rest stops. So, either they drive like madmen, (didn’t notice this myself), or their schedulers are reasonably honest about how much time it takes to get a bus from A to B.

The taxi from La Marmite to my hostel (1.3km) was the equivalent of 1.20$CAD. Lovely.

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