Day Twenty-Seven – African Home Sweet Home

I’m back in Maun! Back at the cottage even. It definitely feels like my African home at this point.

Nicole and I got in with loads of time for her to catch her flight out of Maun, and once she was safely tucked into a Taxi headed for the airport I started the twenty minute slog ‘home’.

On arrival I flicked my phone’s wifi on, (it had been off to conserve battery power while on safari), and found out that I am booked into Seba Camp with Wilderness Safaris and will be flown into Kasane afterwards, on November 20th! After that it was showers and clothes washing and visiting with the two new vets inhabiting the cottage: Emma, of Halifax and Caitlin, of Vancouver.

Lovely ladies, Caitlin in particular may be a life changer as she has a bit of experience as a locum and is happy to give me advice when I’m home and considering going back to the grind. And even more exciting than that, she has a contact with one of the corporate veterinary companies and that person is looking for someone willing to go to their different clinics and do vacation locum’ing. Seems a bit ideal if you ask me.

Anyway, eventually I buckled down to start sorting out the next leg of my journey. Booked two nights in Kasane.. no big deal, easy peaz. Then started looking for a place in Victoria Falls… turns out there is no cash available in Zimbabwe right now? Sounds suspicious. Mosey’d on to the Travel Advisory site and read that the situation in Zimbabwe has deteriorated since I left Canada… and then found myself on the Mozambique page where part of the country has been downgraded, (or is it upgraded?), to “Do Not Travel”…

Not sure if I’d shared my nascent plan to take trains across Zimbabwe to Mozambique and then travel down the shore?

Anyway, that plan now has a question mark beside it. I’m staying at a proper hostel in Vic Falls, so I’ll ask around and see what the feel is for crossing Zimbabwe right now. If it’s a general No, then it looks like a flight from Vic Falls to Capetown is only 250$CAD. So for once in my life, I’ve got a plan B. (It only took the threat of a train wreck while travelling in the middle of a civil war for me to get one!)

On that note, I’m off to sleep!

See everyone in a couple days!

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