Day Twenty-One – Day of Rest Two


I did this morning as prescribed by Kenny yesterday, slept in. Well, slept is misleading, but certainly laid in. It was glorious. Silence except for the morning birds (most of them beautiful, one or two like dying bed springs) and no obligations to anyone or anything.

I have two observations about my lie in: 1) it is my second day off after twenty-one days “on vacation”.. interesting life choices there and 2) it was very generous of Kenny to prescribe doing nothing for me.

He said “You’ve been working hard, tomorrow you, do nothing, just, have a rest.” I pointed out to him that he works much harder than I do, and he insisted, saying no, standing bent over surgery all day, focused is hard work, especially in this heat. This coming from one of the three men whose workload is increased exponentially when vets are in town. In addition to their regular husbandry and upkeep tasks they sedate, prep and recover our surgery patients; clean, pack and sterilize our surgical instruments; do all the animal handling for our treatments AND answer every (and there are many) knob-headed questions we have. All with never-ending graciousness. Kenny, Vasco and Thuli blow me away.

My plans for today? I don’t have many. I have a little text appointment with Mark at 20h00, and after I type something here about my seeming predilection for deserts, I intend on catching up on some previous posts. Otherwise? Nap, maybe swim, maybe walk. Maybe none of the above. I was considering trying my skin at some laying in the sun… but may not get around to it. The sun here is HOT.

Right, so deserts. Literally every trip I’ve been on has been to a desert-like environment. It has also been to places considerably poorer than Canada. Biome-economic connection? Sid Meier would say Yes. Anyhow, I am here, publicly, committing that my next trip will NOT be to a desert. I’ll either have to find somewhere poor AND wet or have to rub my pennies, er, nickels, together so I can afford to travel somewhere expensive.


I spent an intensely luxurious day, and had decided to top it off with a little supper out. (Truth be told I couldn’t get the thought of Marc’s french fries out of my head). Trevor and I set out on our first solo adventure. Can I admit it feels different to be driving around in an old jalopy, who is just waiting for an excuse to lose a tire or choke on old oil or drop his transmission, alone, in the middle of a foreign continent, with no cellphone? I noted, however, that Trevor is a Toyota and that bolstered my confidence as memories of Peej flitted through my head. She’d never let me down, and I assumed Trevor never had either in his last forty years of service. Poor Toyotas.. I see there are draw backs to reliability.

ANYHOW, supper. Much to my disappointment Marc’s was closed, as was my back up plan The Wax Apple (given the name maybe for the best?). The Indian restaurant by the airport did not leave me totally stranded, and I now find myself sitting on a patio, drinking a Windhoek, (all out of martinis I was informed), awaiting my selected curries. I was quite impressed with the restaurant’s name, when I opened the menu:

They have left absolutely nothing to chance. Whatever you want, they will make it. In fact, You Want, We Make may have been a more concise title.

My day was spent in a lengthy swim, a touch of sun bathing, (fifteen minutes split between both sides earned me a mild burn), and the rest in bed reading May Contain Nuts by John O’Farrell. Silent reading was randomly peppered by bouts of laughing until tears were streaming down my face, much to the confusion of any random squatters beneath my window. 5/5 would strongly recommend, especially to any parents, or would-be parents.

Anyhow, meal here, happy weekend everyone! One day of work left and then we are off on a minor safari adventure! (Nicole and I, sadly Trevor is not invited) I signed us up for a five day/four night 4×4 safari with The Old Bridge Backpackers starting Tuesday. We’ll spend two nights in Kwai Camp and then two nights in Moremi Camp for those with time to spare and Google prowess.

Faithful Trev

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