Day Ten – Gweta Outreach Wrap Up and Transfer to Nata

I’m sitting at another lovely dinner table at a sprawling Lodge, (Nata Lodge, in fact) just outside Nata.

We’ve been assigned “Safari Tents” this time, which are essentially raised, rectangular yurts. There’s definitely a home-y feel for me.

The insides are gorgeous and quite spacious. Once the side flaps are rolled up they’re airy enough that we won’t have to use a fan for sleeping!

The lodge sports a load of different birds > I tried to take a few photos, but my camera is too fussy about low light. I saw a Little Egret, a couple of Go Away Birds (Grey Lourie), a Southern Pied Babbler, two Masked , two Arrow Marked Babblers, something that was sure coloured like an African Jacana and I finally have a handle on this Mourning Dove/Laughing Dove situation. I’d’ve called them all pigeons but apparently they’re fancier than that.

While waiting for supper we saw a Bush Baby … some sort of small rodent-y animal with a round body, perky s-curve tail, and an admittedly cute jump.

Anyhow, this morning was productive: spays, neuters, all before noon. One of the spays was remarkably pregnant:

This little guy was camped out on my door:

It was sad to say Good Bye to Shayna, our host, never-tiring helper and the manager of Gweta Lodge. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us at your lovely Lodge.

An hour or so, (uneventful), drive further east and we arrived in Nata. Tomorrow we’ll suss our new venue and see how many folk show up!

Addendum: I will have a separate post with bird photos once I find a place with good internet.

One thought on “Day Ten – Gweta Outreach Wrap Up and Transfer to Nata

  1. It’s nice to see some pictures from your trip. The accommodations look marvelous. The Safety Elephant will be relieved to hear that your after sunset walk wasn’t habit forming. (She worries.) I was surprised to see a picture of a katydid on your door. The ones in Saskatchewan look identical. I see them now in a new and exotic light. Thanks for sharing.

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