Day Five – Baited Breath

It’s six o’clock here, the day is done, I’m fed and showered and sitting on the porch, watching the birds, catching up on some hydrating and waiting to go to the airport to see if my bag, has, as promised, arrived at the Maun Airport.

There should probably be more exclamation marks associated with that, but, after a long, satisfying day at work, some food and a little nap, I’m feeling pretty relaxed.

Dogs: five spays, three neuters, one sick exam.

Sick exam:

6mo male standard (what I’m going to call the type of dog that seems to populate the area: 40lbs, short hair, lean build variations of tan and white)

Presenting complaint: not gaining weight in the face of good appetite

Notable exam findings: T=40C, BCS 1/5, very slightly pot-bellied

Treatment: Duplo and Milbemax

Outcome: [will fill in as it comes]

Commentary from yesterday: Nicole and I did a coin toss for who was going to go do the Out Clinic. I won, and so chose to go. I want to go, it is going to be so interesting to see a part of Botswana that I would have no good way of experiencing otherwise, but I admit I’m really struggling with the feeling that it isn’t right, that I should have had Nicole go. It’s strong enough at this point that if it didn’t some how seem important that Vicki know who was going ahead of time, I would quickly take back. Actually, as I type that, I realize it is deeply true. I will ask Vicki tomorrow in private if anything can be done about it. *crosses fingers*

One of the dogs I spayed yesterday was a pyometra (had a uterus full of pus). This isn’t remarkable in itself, however, it is my first incidental pyometra spay. We just thought she was skinny and dull due to malnutrition! Oddly seems to be a lot brighter now that she’s been relieved of that mess.

I admit I’m finding the blog a bit harder than I have historically. I think its because I’m surrounded by people all day (lovely people!) and so am not living in my head, needing an outlet for my thoughts and commentary. In a way its sad, because I’ll forget so much but I thought the blog and I might create a little tradition starting today.

Best Part of the Day: listening to Vicki agree to have my bag sent to Maun Airport

Worst Part of the Day: feeling a little jelly of Nicole’s bird book

Veterinary (/Team) Goals for Tomorrow: relax a bit about speed

Personal Goal: go for a long walk after work

Final observation before heading into town to see about a backpack: sitting on this porch, it is deafening. There are so many, and so many different, bird noises. When I sit back from my key board and watch the hard, there are so many different birds coming and going, all the time. I have never heard so much, or so varied, a racket anywhere in North America. I don’t think that is because North America is naturally less diverse, or naturally less abundant, in wildlife. Clearly, thought, we are now. Tragic, though complicated. Trading beautiful diversity for wealth and “standard of living”. Though I would make some arguments about comparative standard of living from a psychological standpoint. (Due to modern isolation I mean, not due to a lack of bird biodiversity.)

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