Day Four – Hope

It’s half way through the day and we’ve just got a call that my bag (or, atleast a bag that matches my description, because I’m unwilling to get too ecstatic yet) is at the Gaborone airport!

I can not describe my relief. I have REALLY needed my nail file..

Anyhow, theoretically they will get it to the Maun airport by tomorrow and then we can pick it up.

Alright, enough with the luggage updates.


From the air, it is so empty! I love it. Small settlements scattered in a vast desert. Not a shifting sand dunes sort of desert, but a dry, dusty, red with widely, but regularly distributed hardy bushes sort of desert.

Gaborone, from the air, is an extremely spread out city. Most of the residential roads are dirt. Each home, (variations on single story square cinderblock), has a largish bare fenced yard around it. There is a little built up downtown with some fancy looking high rises, a stark contrast to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Maun is the same, except no downtown and the sprawl is smaller. I’ll have to try an explain the “pattern” of the “housing developments” another post.

Our cottage is lovely. Plaster over cinder block, white inside and out. Nicole and I are sharing a room, two twin beds with little side tables and two windows. The bird noises while laying in bed are delightfully foreign.

I haven’t had a real chance to just sit, enjoy the “silence” (which is just roaring with wildlife), and watch for birds; but the ones I’ve caught out of the corner of my are have me excited for the opportunity.

Clinic life: every one is great. No really! There is patience and good humour and benefit of the doubt everywhere. Not to mention the MAWS employees. They’re so on-the-ball, helpful and conscientious about their jobs. It’s s joy to work with them.

We get started at eight and go till five. Mmm. Spay, neuter, vaccinate… medicine as needed. I quite like it.

Dogs: three spays, one neuter, one double crypt neuter, one medicine appointment

Cats: two neuters

It’s warm… I’m having to consciously remind myself to drink water since there is sweat quietly pooling everywhere around my body. But I suspect it can get one heck of a lot warmer, so I’m sure we’re in fact lucky. It’ll be swell once my clothes arrive and I can wear something other than scrubs. Which I’m now convinced are a Canadian invention “in case we get cold” while working.

Alright. My little post-work shower and lie down are done. I’m SO grateful my bag exists and might be here as soon as tomorrow.. so grateful.

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