Day Two – Good Morning Ger Man Y!

Two glasses of wine, a delicious wee meal, a serving of Baileys and half a Zopetal later and I greet the 23rd of October on a new continent. Excellent steering Lufthansa!

Guten Tag Frankfurt! You and me are going to get a little acquainted in the next eleven hours!

Frankfurt Cathedral

An interesting mix of old and new.

Maybe one day we’ll add our own?

It doesn’t feel extremely old.. the way Rome or even Potosi does, with all their tight, wind-y, streets. This city accommodates cars just fine, though I admit there were a lot of bikes about.

Essentially I just did a lot of walking. Their train system was easy to navigate > four stops bw downtown and the airport. They charged entrance fees for all their churches and I wasn’t carrying any Euros so I contented myself with eyeing the outsides of everything. Moseyed into a few shops.. everything seemed a bit more expensive than back home. There was ample evidence of Frankfurt being an excellent summer destination. They’ve really made the most of their River frontage and there were many well-situated remains of riverside cafes and such.

Anyhow.. boarding for the third last flight of the journey. Sounds like it’s a full flight – 10.5hrs YAY!

2 thoughts on “Day Two – Good Morning Ger Man Y!

  1. I’m glad you made it safely to Germany and that you had a little bit of time to wonder around Frankfurt. I LOVE Germany. As far as European counties go it just seems to work better and is on the cleaner side. I think German cities tend to be a bit more of a mix of old and new because so many of the city cores got bombed during WW2. It is odd that you have to pay to enter the churches compared to some other European destinations. As for the cost of things… Germany used to be quite cheap but now their economy is the strongest in the EU and in the top 5 worldwide so I guess things got pricier. Anyway, I can’t believe you’re gone and off on your adventure. Have fun! I’ll be following along. You are so much better at keeping us informed than I ever was on my little escapade overseas. Tchuss!

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  2. I have a confession: I’ve never read all these entries in their entirety. Like, I’ve mostly skimmed and looked at the pictures. So while anxiously awaiting Botswana updates, I’ve been going back and reading all the back entries from your travels of yore. You have had some TIMES, my friend! It’s giving me some serious wanderlust!

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