Day One – Traveller Beware

This morning started out with a bang. Or rather a text. Air Canada sent me a lovely little message at 08h20 this morning advising me my 12h30 flight from Kelowna [YLW] to Vancouver [YVR] was cancelled, and they had (helpfully) booked me on another flight at 16h00 Relevant background information: the flight from YLW to YVR, gate to gate, is forty-five minutes; my flight to Frankfurt [FRA] leaves YVR at 16h30.

*clears throat*


What happened next is a bit of a blur, but by the time ten minutes had elapsed I knew every commercial flight servicing YVR from YLW today; I had texted Aidan and Nicole my situation, (not because they could do anything to help, but because panic is panic); and I was safely tucked in to a queue on the Air Canada Customer Service phone line.

By the time the Rep answered the phone my hands had stopped shaking and I managed to keep my voice steady as she expressed surprise that her airline was flying me to FRA at 16h30. Apparently, if the flights are booked separately, there is no recognition that the same person has multiple flights. Good to know. This cued me to the fact that I would need to alert the Check In Agent of my itinerary in order to get my bags checked all the way through to Gabarone, (which they now are!).

Anyhow, sorry to keep you in suspense: the nice Rep got me one of two remaining spots on the 13h45 flight and I am now hunkered down inside Security waiting for someone to give me the slightest chance to sprint on to an airplane headed to Vancouver and buckle my butt to a seat.

No Weed in Yer Bags Dude
A ) duh B) sooo… what happens to the Mary Jane put in that box?

In the mean time: Where’m I headed? What am I doing?

This flight spearheads a two day sojourn across an ocean and involving multiple continents that will eventually deposit me in Maun, Botswana.

Today I go Kelowna to Vancouver and then land in Frankfurt tomorrow. I leave Frankfurt tomorrow evening and land in Johannesburg the following morning, two days from now, then on to Gabarone and finally Maun.

I have firm plans for the next three weeks or so: volunteering with Maun Animal Welfare Society and then a little safari with Nicole, (who is also volunteering with me), before she heads back to Canada. After that my itinerary gets a little vague.. Victoria Falls is definitely involved, and I’d like to end up on the Mozambique coast, travel south until I hit Capetown and then boogie back to catch my flight out of Johannesburg on December 13th. The exact details will come together eventually.

To previous followers of my foibles: here we go again! To new readers: welcome to my roller coaster!

Addendum: it is 15h15 and we have just been given the okay from YVR ATC to depart. Better be a fast forty-five!

Ad-addendum: I seem to be on an airplane headed for Frankfurt… #mondaymiracles

Onward and upward! Literally!

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