Day Twenty-two – El Fin

The shuttle to the airport seems to have all worked out. There were some moments.. when I was hustled over to a different kiosk (Eco Baja Tours) and then told “No possible para hoy”. It all smoothed over when she found out my flight was at 1555. Still, I’m cutting it close – the shuttle arrives at 1400 and my passport is wet and doesn’t have a legible photo on it. Hopefully Mexico has no desire to keep me 😉

Because I’m not catching the Aguila bus I thought I was, I have had a couple hours to kill in downtown La Paz. I wandered around some of the small, pretty streets I hadn’t had a chance to before, appreciated the wall art, and eventually found myself back at my new favourite coffee shop, DoceQuarante. Two carnes y aceitunas empanadas (delicious) and a decaf iced coffee later and I’m happily enjoying the mixed culture of older local business men, middle aged tourists and young local women.

The shuttle ride was a bit much – full of older ladies being oblivious and ignorant, both as travel companions and with their treatment of locals.

And then the airport. Pf. Apparently that little slip of paper that I destroyed while laundering my passport was a tourist visa… there was a stink because I didn’t have it, and a last minute money grab to make me replace it. I wasn’t at my best, and the Immigration Officer agreed to take considerably less than the full payment, (but exactly all of my remaining cash), in light of my mounting irritation.

Anyhow, flight, then customs… the Canadian border guard was baffled by my soggy passport… and iMaps somewhat successfully guided me through my first foray into Vancouver public transit. Most of the mistakes were mine, however, it DID lead me down a couple alleys and under a bridge when I finally decided to walk the rest of the way. Not exactly safety-minded if you ask me. While walking the 2km to my Airbnb I remembered why we all own cars. It is too damn cold, even at a balmy 0C, to be walking about, if one has not dressed properly.

Now I’m safely tucked in bed, anxiously awaiting my morning flight to Port Hardy and the many upcoming reunions!

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