Day Twenty-One – Grateful

Normally I’d be spinning down at this point in my travels, (my flight IS tomorrow after all). Mario, however, pointed out that there is a shuttle from La Paz direct to the Cabo Airport and that it only takes two hours or so. Not that I’ve double checked this information.. or found out if my freshly laundered passport is going to cause me trouble. A complete lack of preparedness can make every day an adventure!

Anyhow, as I was saying, normally spinning down; instead, today has been a high point of the whole trip. Paola took myself and Tulio’s other friends, Luis, Nancy and Romano, to Balandra. Balandra, a beach turned national park, has been mentioned by every local and every traveller and every article written, as a must visit when in La Paz. They are not exaggerating. And I’ll repeat the advice Antonio gave me, don’t just lay on the first beautiful beach you see, walk up into the hills on the right (south, I think) and you will find beach after beach, each one quieter than the last. Each beach has choice seating under over hanging rocks, for those who have had enough sun for the day, crystal clear water and lovely soft white sand. It’s exactly the sand of my childhood on Lake Huron.

While we were lounging on the sand, with only a small group of camping jugglers as company, El Pato Loco, a skiff of BOA, motored up, anchored and started off-loading. Moments later a small flock of kayaks paddled up, including Mario! His four day excursion group included two Olympic gold medalists in kayaking and they had made the crossing from Espiritu Santo in 40 minutes! The skiff had barely been able to stay ahead of them. Crazy!

When we got back from Balandra, I headed right back out again to La Ventana with Camilo. He had generously agreed to take me mountain biking in this beautiful area. The drive to and from was a lot of fun and the bike ride was breathtaking. In more ways than one. A giant thank you to Tulio, who lent me his bike for the outting. It is certainly the nicest bike I have ever ridden and without it I would have surely died. Or atleast, have been even slower than I already was. I did not have the technical skills to keep up with Camilo, but he graciously waited for me to cautiously pick my way through the obstacles, and boy, I was grateful to get to spend time in that landscape.

We paused on the way home to appreciate the beautiful sunset:

And then it was a shower and off to Harkers for my last supper in Mexico! Harkers features draught beer from Baja Brewing Company. I tried the frambuesa, the stout and the black… something. They were all delicious. Def recommend this place to any beer drinkers wandering around Baja Sud.

And now.. to bed. A bit meloncholy to be saying Adios to Paola and Camilo who have been so generous with their time and friendship; as well as to Mexico, who has similarly been so generous with her many gifts.

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