Day Nine – Bee Takes Flight

After a flurry of emails I had an appointment to paraglide, (paramotor to be exact, but I’ll use paraglide for the rest of this), and a ride to get there!

The gentleman taking me up in tandem has his daughter in school in Todos Santos, so I hopped in his car to get to the launch site of our trip.

It was amaaaaazing! Although the launch itself, when done in tandem, is not… perfectly ideal. It involves crouching over for quite awhile while the pilot gets his strings and then the wing organized, walking backwards while crouched over, turning together while bent, (my recent dancing practice came in real handy here), and then standing up and running your heart out while your feet sometimes are, and sometimes are not, on the ground, over hillocks and through bushes.. it was an experience.

Anyhow, once up in flight it was awesome. Definitely seriously considering taking that 10-day course next winter. Can you imagine doing that off a mountain?

Tortuga!Léon de la mar

There should be videos of the take off, and some photos from the ground of us in flight, but they haven’t arrived yet. Check back?

Sky Voltage Sports

After that I spent a long lazy afternoon at the hostel, occasionally switching hammocks if the sun managed to find me. I started, and finished the terrible vampire romance novel I brought. And eventually went to the mercado, picked up some cheladas and chips and walked up the mountain to look out over the ocean and enjoy the sunset.

No less than five whales were out and a-spout this evening! Two were quite close to shore too.

I waited a bit too late before heading home and found myself in blackness, again following a trail I wasn’t completely sure existed and asking myself questions like, “Do you know where you’re going?” and “Are there any large predators in the desert?”

The answer to both questions was no. Eventually I found my way back in to town, breaking out on to the street through a thick bush line and requisite ditch of garbage.

Sometimes my life goals narrow until they involve only not stepping in anything gross or sharp; more often than you’d think, due to my interesting algorithms for what counts as a good idea.

Another dog tried for my calf. A chihuahua this time, so I was mostly annoyed instead of scared.

Another half bottle of wine and I’m to bed. Tomorrow will be interesting. I have to pack up, and get on a bus to La Paz. The Carnaval is happening in La Paz right now, so my plan is to drop all my stuff at the hotel and then head out and investigate!

Carnaval 2018 – La Paz

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