Day One – Southbound and Down

Early rise – well, actually exactly my normal rising time these days… nobody should be as well acquainted with 5am as I am. #oldage

Consolation? Checked The Weather Network:

Awww yah.

I’ve also been furiously downloading music and audio books on to my phone in anticipation of shutting down my cellular connection and stumbled on to this beaut of a play list:

Noticed this sign while walking laps of the terminal, trying to fill the two and a half hours left of the three hours before flight time that are recommended before international flight. (We’ll return to this later). But first: I sincerely hope there is a gear named “Crawl” on the carts’ transmission and second: how did they decide what speed this would be? The average speed of crawling of 100 (Canadian?) adults? Except crawlspeed can change depending on what is inspiring the crawl. What about height and weight? Previous crawling experience? And adult is an awfully broad term.

Returning to the three hour time cushion: clearly a terminal business support strategy.

I admit I acquiesced to the consumption pressure, but! only in order to carry on my Hollandaise Research. I can confirm that the sauce used in the Eggs Benedict at Lift restaurant, does not come close the deliciousness of the O’Toole Hollandaise Sauce.

Kari very graciously offered me her window seat, which incidentally was in front of a poorly behaved three year old. #youwinsomeyoulosesome Vancouver bid us a damp goodbye and I hunkered down for five hours with Bill in Australia.

Halfway through the flight a casual glance out the window created so much concern that I discarded Bill. It was still snowy down there?! Urban Throwback and I kept our eyes trained out the window, eventually slowly relaxing as the snow thinned, and desert took over. After that I was hooked: sunshine streamed in the window and I lazily watched the ground, humming along occasionally with Beyoncé or Usher.

After landing we took an prearranged shuttle from the airport and arrived safe and sound at Baja Cactus Hostel.

Comida, cervezas and cigars later I seem to be in bed, anxiously awaiting the sunrise and beach in the morn.

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