Day Zero

Prairie Chicken has taken flight!

… not very far, mind, but definitely out of the coop. Big thank you to my friend Manny who made the flight from Port Hardy to Vancouver possible:

We flew in the Saab 320, (I think), which is neither here nor there except that it has an interesting sign at the front of the cabin: “In Case of Emergency Fire Extinguisher and Oxygen Tanks”. …boy, things could get a titch exciting if the person fighting the fire got confused.

I cleaned and laundered and packed from 8h15 to 14h30 today and STILL I have to thank people for looking after things I didn’t get to or forgot:

Aidan – thank you for investigating my oil tank and therefore the continued heating of my house

Ang – thank you for getting a cat carrier to my cat sitter

Manny – thank you for house sitting and therefore (eventually) cleaning the parts of the kitchen I wasn’t able to get to…

… wow this has turned in to a bloody Acceptance Speech…

Moving on > first meal on the road:

“The Happy Date Restaurant”

I suspect Kari felt it did not live up to the promise of its name.. however the food was delish and definitely different!

This was Kari’s meal. I had chicken and cabbage chow mien – approximately two pounds of it. In my belly!

We’re now safely tucked in to our room at the Ramada, and I have a date with the bath tub, Bill Bryson and maybe some Zopatol.

Note: if you have not read this book, drop everything, this instant, and acquire it.


One thought on “Day Zero

  1. Oh yay, you’re blogging again! It has given me some motivation to post an update when I get home from work this evening. Bien viaje bella! I look forward to hearing about your relaxation and adventures. Also I am quite sure that Kari was happy with your date. You are an excellent date 😉

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