Day Seven – Amusement

The three of us spent the morning luxuriating in caffeine, alcohol and freedom. It was a perfect introverted micro-vacation for all of us: Nicole crafted and journaled, I sat with my dogs and cup in the sun, and Mark.. well, I’m not sure what Mark was doing, which means he was likely enjoying himself.

Around 11h00 we finally buckled down to eating breakfast and starting the planned parts of our day, arriving at Canada’s Wonderland sometime around 13h30. It was way more packed than either of us expected, and so our late arrival had a substantial impact on the number of rides we managed to fit in. (Six). Nonetheless, on critical evaluation post-excursion, it was unanimously voted a success.

In particular we self-congratulated our avoidance of the seemingly inevitable hour-plus-long-lineup-ennui. This impressive feat was a group effort, and it began yesterday. You’ll remember I mentioned our noisy lunch at the Woolwich Arms, and the couple that left looking mildly affronted at our joy? Well, that led to a small discussion about couples at restaurants and the different forms their interactions (or lack there of) can take. I mentioned that a friend of mine has put conscious effort into troubleshooting the silence that can take over a couple’s dinners and car rides. One strategy that she and her husband have employed is exchanging “Top 5’s”: Top 5 Books, Top 5 Quotes, Top 5 Family Vacations etc. This conversation was fresh on my mind as we were walking towards our first line up, er ride, and Nicole says, “Okay, no talking while we walk to rides, save all conversation for the line up!” (<<< this is one strategy to avoid restaurant-silence that she has employed when heading out to dinner with her husband). As we settled down to wait in each of our line ups, we exchanged Top 5’s, our reasons behind each and found ourselves on many a related rabbit trail.

Top 5 Books:

Nicole: His Dark Materials Series, The Handmaid’s Tale, Chrysalids, Jitterbug Perfume, The Wolf in the Parlour

Melissa: Watership Down, Outlander Series, The Earth Children Series, The Century Trilogy, All Souls Trilogy

5 Next Trips: 

Nicole: Mexico Resort in January 2017, Colorado Springs Feb 2017, Kansas City/Denver/St. Louis summer 2017, Texas or West Lemkoon Lake summer 2017, Camino del Santiago Trail in Spain 2017 or 2018

Melissa: Vernon, BC Jan 2017, Southeast Asia, northern India, 4 month south to north and south again U of France and Germany in the summer, Mexico Resort in January 2017

(Nicole is clearly far more organized than I am…)

Top 5 Dog Breeds: 

Nicole: Borzoi, Standard Poodle, Doberman Pinscher, Schnauzer, Cairn Terrier

Melissa: Catahoula, French Bulldog, Papillon, Neapolitan/French/Etc. Mastiff, Standard Poodle

Nicole, feeling “free as a bird”, after riding Behemoth, the orangey roller coaster in the background.

… anyhow, we made our way OH WAIT. I forgot to mention. There’s a new-fangled ride restraint style that we encountered on the Leviathan and Behemoth rides at CW. It is TERRIFYING. There is no shoulder restraint. Just a lap bar. And a seat belt. All hyperbole aside, I was terrified. My teeth were chattering, and I was crying/shaking at the end of each of them.

… dramatic re-enactment …

Okay. So, anyhow, we made our way home, and spent the evening glamping in the yurt sans Mark or the dogs. Quite relaxing, although their company was missed.

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