Lifetime Earthquakes #2 and #3

I woke up last night to an extremely strong wind rattling the doors and windows, or so I thought. Until I noticed that I was shaking quite a bit too. I wondered if I should get out of my sleeping but, for fear of falling rooves etc, but decided it would likely be too cold outside to make that pleasant. So I laid in bed and sort of enjoyed the rocking and rolling sensation. 

Again this morning, after I had been awake for a bit there was another small bout of bed shaking, though not half so strong as the night before. Anyhow, I went on the Internet to try and find out what rating my earth-ride had scored, but was only able to come up with the following:

about an hour ago 5.9 magnitude, 37 km depth – Ovalle, Chile

about 5 hours ago 6.2 magnitude, 12 km depth – Coquimbo, Chile

So I think the earthquake’s epicentre was in those places, and I just can’t make anything tell me how strong the movement was here in Copiapo.

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