Day Thirty – Quitor, Iglesia de Catarpa, Garganta del Diablo y an attempt at Aldea de Tulor

An early start, 08h00, let us bike around for four or five hours in fresh cool breezes under a friendly sun. We chose to head north in the morning, biking past Quitor to Catarpa and then stopping at the Garganta del Diablo on the way back. Admittedly this could be done as a loop, but we missed the entrance to the gorge, (the garganta), on the outward journey, and so did it as two out-and-backs. My sit-bones wanted to die, but luckily the road was just smooth enough to permit ginger seat use. 

Carved faces in the rock surrounding Plaza de Quitor.. unsure the age of the carvings.
Interestingly this arch in no way indicated a path..


Iglesia de Catarpe – this church is truly tiny, my head was near the top of the door frame.
This lonely gravestone was on a plateau above the church. Interestingly the deceased’s middle name was slavic in origen.

We spent the heat of the day eating at the hostel and snoozing. 

***more to come*** 


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