Day Thirteen – Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go

(That was a Snow White reference)

I am so tired. Bullet point blog entry:

  • Got up early, wrestled with hot water in shower
  • Breakfast at Koala Den was delish
  • Took the Cerro Rico mine tour offered by the hostel
  • Humorous group mate had a difficult time coping with … some of the athletic requirements of the tour, but blamed the tour guide instead of herself
  • Wandered around town, found the central market and a delicious bakery, had some sort of tomato sauce, cheese and onion pastry for lunch, with a donut, and then a fruit, jello, whipped cream concoction that nearly broke my pancreas
  • Picked up delicious feta cheese and some veggies at the market
  • Had a nap
  • Went to the Candelaria (another Koala offshoot) and had another delicious quinoa soup with wine and then walked around Potosi
  • Note: have run into four Canadians in two groups at Koala Den, both groups from Edmonton. Wierd.  


Refining Cooperative
OHS would seizure in this place.
poor man’s noise reduction
yes, this is a working mine we’re heading into
Tio – he’s a big deal
copper sulph(a? i?)te
moi, climbing down a cliff with a rope. NBD


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